samedi 1 mars 2008

Les Cheveux de B - Rolitoland secret place n°105

Illustration for the book published in 2006 called:
"If you don't want to be perfect, you've come to the right place"
by my very talented friend b.wing.
Enjoy !

4 commentaires:

Mat a dit…

superbe !

Anonyme a dit…

are you a filipino?

because PATAPON is a tagalog(filipino) word.

and Rolito is a filipino name as well, so i asssume that u are a filipino.

"PATAPON".. the title is so funny...
coz i know what it means.. LOL!

i cant help but laugh!

BFLV a dit…

une magnifique illustation qui m'hérite un print ^^

johan a dit…

un print... c'est la remarque que je me fais pour chacune de tes illus... à chaque fois en vain...