jeudi 29 novembre 2007

Mini Rolitoboy by Yuck

Here is the third artwork based on the CINQNEUFTRIPLEZERO French Kiss serie.
This time it's the Yuck one :)
Enjoy !

mardi 27 novembre 2007


Here is my contribution for the "Devilrobots Show"
10th anniversary at Parco Factory in Shibuya.

Mini Rolitoboy by 123 Klan

Here is the second artwork based on the CINQNEUFTRIPLEZERO French Kiss serie.
This time it's the 123Klan one :)
Enjoy !

dimanche 25 novembre 2007

I love Toys. 01

Three years ago, my good friend Shin initiated me into the works of Yuzo Kato (1950-2001), especially the small plastic toys he designed for Glico candies in the nineties.
A wonderful little book called TOYBOX OF GLICO (first edition in 2002) focuses on those beautiful, simple & elegant toys.
Grab one if you can!
I really love them, especially the animals & insects (beetles are amazing), if you have the chance to go to Nakano Broadway, you can find some of these little gems in one of the Mandarake shops dedicated to vintage Japanese candy toys.
"Adults cannot go back to kids, but toys will exist beyond ages and generations" Yuzo Kato

jeudi 22 novembre 2007

Mini Rolitoboy by Chick

I will post mini Rolitoboy artworks on a regular basis. These were designed by each invited artist who participated to the CINQNEUFTRIPLEZERO French Kiss serie.
We start with the Chick one :)
Enjoy !

mercredi 21 novembre 2007


For the third consecutive year, I'm very happy to take part into the TOY SAVES CHILDREN Exhibition, planned & developped by my good friends Tei & Aiko from Furi Furi.
The show takes place from November 28 to December 16 in Singapore as part of Utterubbish during the Singapore Design Festival.
At this exhibition you will see artworks by talented artists (Devilrobots, Phunk Studio, Rinzen & many more) from "Rebirth Mummy The Rabbit" 2005, "Deko-Boko Boys Save Children" 2006 & "Bocky Save Children" 2007.

jeudi 15 novembre 2007


I'm very proud to annonce that the Mini Rolitoboy CINQNEUFTRIPLEZERO FRENCH KISS serie should be released next month!
12 Delicious designs by 12 talented french & friends artists including 123Klan, Chick, Danyboy, Kant1, La Chienne, Mr François, Run, Stan & Vince, Superdeux, The Pit, Yuck.
Keep your eyes peeled!

samedi 10 novembre 2007


Patapon coming soon :)
Stay tuned for more infos.


My very good friends Devilrobots celebrate their 10th Anniversary with the " Devilrobots Show" at Parco Factory in Shibuya.
The exhibition’s second part called "TO-FU INSIGHT" arto-fu (black and white) starts today and features collaboration artworks by David Horvath (US), Jaime Hayon (SP), Pete Fowler (UK), Kenny Wong (HK), Nathan Jurevicius (AU), Tim Biskup (US), Tokidoki (IT) Tristan Eaton (US) & Myself :) along with a lot of sweet goodness.

Everybody wants to eat more To-Fu!
I miss you guys!

lundi 5 novembre 2007

Rolitoland X Domestic

French Wizards from Domestic launch their new projects Surface 02 & Narcisse.
Available now at Domestic.
You can check also the lovely Vinyl Collection.