dimanche 15 mars 2009

It’s never too late :)

Last December, I was pleased to exhibit my work in Lapnet Ship, Tokyo.
About fifty prints were exposed, some being a preview of my forthcoming picture book.
A corner was also dedicated to Patapon 2, visitors being able to make wild multiplayer games.
Here is a small outline.

For this occasion a series of postcards reproducing most of the artworks exposed was printed (postcards with metallic print, spot varnish & silver foil)

I would like to thank Interlink, Medicom, Domestic, SCEJ & Pyramid for their help and support (for the beautiful flowers too!).
I would also like to thank the numerous people who came.
I was really moved by how enthusiastically the exhibition was welcomed.
That’s truly given me the desire to try this adventure again this year :)
Thanks a lot!

samedi 14 mars 2009

Pata Web

Pay a visit to Patapon 2’s world on the Japanese website and enjoy playing and creating your own wallpaper on the European website (created by Kerb).

Pata Pata Pata Pon! :)

vendredi 13 mars 2009

lundi 9 mars 2009

Patapon 2 European release!

The little eyeballs drums of war have started to beat once again!
More missions, more bosses, new Patapons units, new evolution system, little rabbits & many many more.
The story is going on and i'm really proud of that :)