lundi 9 mars 2009

Patapon 2 European release!

The little eyeballs drums of war have started to beat once again!
More missions, more bosses, new Patapons units, new evolution system, little rabbits & many many more.
The story is going on and i'm really proud of that :)

4 commentaires:

Vince a dit…

My Pataponmania is back ! I need my fix !!!

Dustmagnet a dit…

Patapon, best PSP game ever.
Can't wait. a dit…

encore une occasion pour le vieux réfractaire aux jeux vidéos que je suis pour m'esquinter les nerfs et les yeux sur une console... Je ne te remercie pas ! ;-)

gr a dit…

Finaly!!! I was waiting soooo long!
Hello & Respect from Russia!
Rolito you're the best!
New story,new characters,and gameplay... It's all wonderfull!