mardi 27 mai 2008

I love Toys.02

From my last trip to Tokyo, I brought back a vinyl figure produced by the famous Japanese company called Marmit (thanks Don!).
This beautiful & mysterious figure is based on one of the DOGU (pronounced dough-goo) clay idol from the Jomon Japanese period (10 000 BC - 400 B.C ).
There are many theories on what they were used for. A talisman for good health or safe childbirth, goddesses’ representation, toys for children, funerary offerings, or objects used in some unknown ritual.
As you can see on the illustration (second picture), some people think that this Dogu strange figurine represent some "strange visitor" with space suit :).
I love this figure, we are really far away from all the "designer toys" frenzy production and that's a good point :).

2 commentaires:

AltS a dit…

A la fois tellement étrange et tellement interessant, belle découverte.

johan a dit…

Enfin une mise à jour. On en veut plus ! Toujours plus ! Notamment de ce type, avec de petites anecdotes intéressantes sur telle ou telle découverte !