jeudi 29 mai 2008

Still Alive projects.01

I really enjoy comic books, I’ve read thousands of those…
It was one of my dreams to draw one, but except small incursions and other tries, I never really took the plunge.
Until one of my “Heroes”, a famous French comics artist and also “directeur de collection” of one of the biggest French comics editor called me :
"Hi Rolito, if you have a pen, some paper and a computer I would like you to create your own comics".
I let you imagine my mood after this phone call. :)
I thus restarted one of my old projects: U.U.U.
In complicity with Run, we drew a storyboard and a few pages.
Because one of my other projects is engrossing all my time, this one is going forward very slowly.
U.U.U belongs to these projects which are really important to me, but should not be “finished” before a long time.
Even if I continue to work on it (in a very erratic way) I still do not know whether in the end it will be a Comic book or Picture Book…
Wait & see:)

5 commentaires:

Vince a dit…

These pictures are great !!!
So much incredible projects !!!

Johan a dit…

peu importe si c'est pour tout de suite ou pour dans 5 ans, le principal est que ce projet voit le jour !

AltS a dit…

Ha enfin des news sur ce projet !

Tout ça est génial et les illus magnifiques, Bravo !

Anonyme a dit…

Your art is incredible. I love it.

Jaya a dit…
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