dimanche 25 novembre 2007

I love Toys. 01

Three years ago, my good friend Shin initiated me into the works of Yuzo Kato (1950-2001), especially the small plastic toys he designed for Glico candies in the nineties.
A wonderful little book called TOYBOX OF GLICO (first edition in 2002) focuses on those beautiful, simple & elegant toys.
Grab one if you can!
I really love them, especially the animals & insects (beetles are amazing), if you have the chance to go to Nakano Broadway, you can find some of these little gems in one of the Mandarake shops dedicated to vintage Japanese candy toys.
"Adults cannot go back to kids, but toys will exist beyond ages and generations" Yuzo Kato

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AltS a dit…

Your illustation is a nice homage to Yuzo Kato, can we see other illustratiosn from different artist inside ?

I really love the little penguin on the cover, he remenber me PEK by the Devirobots :D