samedi 10 novembre 2007


My very good friends Devilrobots celebrate their 10th Anniversary with the " Devilrobots Show" at Parco Factory in Shibuya.
The exhibition’s second part called "TO-FU INSIGHT" arto-fu (black and white) starts today and features collaboration artworks by David Horvath (US), Jaime Hayon (SP), Pete Fowler (UK), Kenny Wong (HK), Nathan Jurevicius (AU), Tim Biskup (US), Tokidoki (IT) Tristan Eaton (US) & Myself :) along with a lot of sweet goodness.

Everybody wants to eat more To-Fu!
I miss you guys!

1 commentaire:

AltS a dit…

Happy B to the DevilR !!!

But where we can see pics of this exhibithion ? It's looks like amazing !